Southampton TaeKwonDo Hawks - Mixed Martial Arts

Phoenix SMA is a Freestyle TaeKwonDo School that offers classes for childrens & adults alike in both separate and mixed/family classes. If your goals include getting fit, losing weight, increasing confidence and learning new skills, then Phoenix SMA is the place for you.

Our centres offer classes across the Southampton and Winchester areas for ages 4 and above.
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TaeKwonDo practised both physically & mentally will help with your overall well-being so here’s your chance to get yourself started on a new healthier and balanced lifestyle. Whether you're looking to join for yourself or as a family, Phoenix SMA caters for everyone.

With classes in 7 different locations and offering a variety of times & programmes to choose from, Phoenix SMA is your first choice for Martial Arts training. Click here to contact one of our Instructors or to book your FREE lesson 

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The Phoenix School Of Martial Arts (SMA) is a member of the Cobra Martial Arts Association. The CMAA is a National Supporting Body for Multiple Styles of Martial Arts offering Instructor training courses, centre management programmes, first aid courses and curriculum grading programmes. The TaeKwonDo curriculum and Instructors Programme of Phoenix SMA is approved by the CMAA. 
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